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Sandy, you wiped me out

13 Nov

This is a 10-part triple rhyme poem that I wrote in reference to the infamous Hurricane Sandy.

This storm displaced me and my family from our home.

I hyperlinked song titles to their respective audio files on GrooveShark.com.

Things could have been worse for me. Make sure that if you’re a homeowner, you have flood insurance. If you’re a renter, get renter’s insurance.

Let me know what you think about this poem.

Thank you.

“Sandy, You Wiped Me Out”

© 2012 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.

‘S’ is for the shock I felt when I first learned how furious your wrath was and how my home may have been immersed by the surge.

‘A’ is for the anxiety I felt while I went to check on my apartment and what I saw almost caused my bowels to purge.

‘N’ is for the nausea that overcame me when I smelled the foul stench of rotting food and salt water-drenched furniture made and it put me on the verge.

The verge of throwing up and crying.

My heart sank and I felt like I was dying.

Some say, “Keep your head-up,” but when you’re going through something like this yourself, it isn’t what you’re interested in buying.

‘D’ is for the depression that started to set into my mind because I felt like I was in Hell.

‘Y’ is for the loud scream I let out as it was a painful, frightful yell.

These are lyrics to a sad song that I propel.

It is a sad thing when your life is drenched and placed on the sidewalk for the whole world to see.

This was something that has happened to other people but I never thought it would happen to me.

It is a humbling experience and will put the proudest person on bended knee.

The goddess, Yansan, is the orisha of winds, hurricanes and tempests all of which are devastating and can cause you bumps, bruises and dings.

Don’t attach yourself to material items and fickle concerns because they are at best fleeting things.

Flood waters can make a pauper out of queens and out of kings.

Even though I lost virtually everything I still have my health.

My extended family opened their arms and embraced me to let me know that I’m not by myself.

Some close friends have also said to me, “Brother, you know we be like Monopoly, because if I got it, you got it because we always have shared the wealth.”

When you’re going through something you really get to know who your friends are.

Words are just words but your actions is what takes you far.

Do the right thing by remembering that “a friend in need is a friend indeed” and it can make you shine like a star.

Going from “classy to ashy” in the course of a few hours.

We must remember to never fool with Mother Nature because of her awesome powers.

Your world can come Tumblin Down like the twin towers.

The Sensational Nightingales sang It’s Gonna Rain, but I didn’t think it would affect me.

I thought I would be spared in my little cozy home by the sea.

I just couldn’t imagine that I would be a casualty of the greatest flood in NYC’s history.

You can have it all today with a lot material wealth, fame and clout.

Anything can happen to me or you and in this I have no doubt.

I know this first-hand because Sandy, you wiped me out.

The Horde from the East

28 Jul

I have been very annoyed by news I’ve heard about the Muslim Brotherhood and some radical Islamic clerics talking about destroying the pyramids. The reasoning is that the pyramids represent a pagan, pre-Islamic past and they should be destroyed. Elsewhere on the African continent, in Mali, burial sites of in Timbuktu have been desecrated for the very same reason.

This purpose of this poem is to shed light on the danger these Islamists pose to some of the great wonders of the world and how hypocritical and envious it would be for them to destroy these so called pagan structures.

The format of this poem is what I call a Triple Rhyme Time Poem.

This type of behavior is why I AM NOT a big fan of popular organized religions.


“The Horde from the East”

© 2012 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.

They burst out of the desert with the sword and Koran in hand.

Was it to share Muhammad’s message or did they have another plan?

Let’s discuss a little history so that you can better understand.

The once great and ancient place of Kemet was renamed to Egypt by the Greeks.

Their ruler was replaced by Rome who was later replaced by Arab sheiks.

Arabs have ruled Egypt ever since the 7th century but in the grand scheme of time it has only been a few weeks.

They came into Egypt and sacked the library in Alexandria and looted many tombs.

Their religious leaders are at it again and are about to reopen old wounds.

They preach about destroying the pyramids and for saying such they are as crazy as loons.

They say that all monuments built in the pagan past need to be done away with.

How can they call what the ancient people of Kemet believe pagans when what the believe is wrapped in myth?

The pyramids are a wonder of the world and certainly the expression of Africa’s imagination and engineering gifts.

According to Islamic tradition, the Kaaba housed idols since before Abraham’s time.

But they are in no rush to destroy it and praying in it’s direction seems to be okay and fine.

On the hajj they throw pebbles at a statue that is supposed to represent the devil but I guess these practices are idolatry of a different kind.

I am not trying to start an argument or anything like that.

I stay away from debates and just deal with things that are an actual fact.

Not interesting in a back-and-forth or a tit-for-tat.

The Arabs have no significant record of architectural accomplishments prior to the advent of Islam.

They leveraged the know-how of those in the Levant and if you didn’t know this fact I’m sure it is like a truth bomb.

Their contribution was mostly language, religion and poetry so keep your eyes and ears open and remain calm.

They went into east Africa and went westward and northward up into Iberia while Europe was in its Dark Ages.

They were no books around thanks to barbarians and Christian sages.

Scientists and philosophers were scorned and jailed in cages.

The Arabs with the help of the Moors turned the lights back on in Europe and sparked the Renaissance and brought Europe back into the fold of civilization.

It went eastward from Portugal and Spain, France and every other European nation.

Eventually the Moors and Arabs retaught Europeans how to sail ships and they were able to explore, trade and conquer to their elation.

The Mali Empire controlled and proudly promoted the hallowed halls of the learning centers in Timbuktu.

People came from far and wide to learn there be they Muslim, Christian or Jew.

But when Mansa Musa went on Hajj he carried and gave away so much gold no one could imagine what would ensue.

He inadvertantly flooded the market with so much gold that the global economy was shaken.

The envy of those from the east was aroused and awaken.

So they felt that the people themselves and their resources were ready to be taken.

Today, Timbuktu has been targeted by Islamic fanatics who want to destroy its relics down to rubble and dust.

Stopping these radical fools is a must!

Willfully destroying historical treasures fills me with disgust.

What is odd is that the great leaders of the Mali Empire were devout Muslims so why destroy what they left behind?

Is it because they were Muslims of a different skin color, language and mind?

Because they believed in the brotherhood of all men and were in comparison benevolent and kind?

The Muslim wave crashed into West Africa in search of gold and other treasures to plunder.

How people can come in the name of religion and commit so many atrocities is is something I often wonder.

Now some of my West African brethren don’t want to be themselves due to the Arabized Islamist spell they are under.

You will never be able to vanquish the sun children even though you behave like a savage beast.

You cannot call yourself a Muslim because you are not one who is of peace.

You’re nothing more than a swarm of locusts I call the horde from the east.