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The 5 Pillars of Ma’at

25 Jul

What inspired me to write this poem is that I’ve been seeing a lot of people that I know who have done dirt to others get paid back. It is interesting to see the universe keep balance.

5 Pillars of Ma’at
by Tyrone Turner
Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.

What goes around comes back around.

If you’re a fair person, you’d like the way that sounds.

Oh yes, my friends, payback can be a mutha.

It can strike you down like no other.

The ancient people of Egypt had a goddess named Ma’at.

She knew who was being naughty and who was not.

She was a goddess – not like a goddess like being the creator or sustainer.

But she was the personification of a concept – sort of like select principles placed in a container.

Her husband was the god Tehuti, the wise scribe and judge.

If you want him waver on his ethics, forget it because he will never budge.

Like Ma’at, he is not THE GOD, or the creator or sustainer of the earth.

He is the symbol of wisdom and the transcriber of all of your actions beginning at birth.

“The battle is not mine. Vengeance is for the LORD.”

The universe is like a bank and every action is stored.

Do not let your heart be troubled. Live your life doing good works and serving your fellow man.

The mischief makers will get theirs. Ma’at will certainly open a can –

Of ‘Whoop Ass” because no one gets a pass.

I am not saying not to defend yourself as that is not intelligent.

If someone lays their hands on you, perhaps their soul is ready to be Heaven sent.

Some people deserve a RAW—righteous ass whipping, but do not be the aggressor.

The MOST HIGH doesn’t sanction that, as to initiate a fight is wrong will make you a transgressor.

Hmmm…Let’s see what knowledge I can pull from my magician’s hat.

Here we are: Righteousness; Truth; Justice; Balance; and Harmony.

These are 5 pillars of Ma’at.