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President Obama, leave Syria alone!

31 Aug

middle east mapI’m going to get right to the point here. I feel that the U.S.A. should not take any military action against Syria. Yes it does appear that the Syrian government may have used chemical weapons against its own people, but the U.S.A. cannot be the judge, jury and executioner for the world. Also, there is an old saying: “He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.”

It is a Civil War

Syrians are fighting Syrians so we should stay out of it. When kinfolk are fighting, it is very unwise for outsiders to intervene because both sides will turn on the outsider. This is what the Afghans did to to Soviets. The U.S.A. certainly did not want the British, the French or anyone else to side with the Confederates in the U.S. Civil War (even though their were some French advisors that helped the Union Army).

Syria is Middle East Problem

According the the New York Times, the Arab League blamed the Syrian government for using chemical weapons against its own people it does not back military action against the Syrian government. There are cultural, religious, and tribal issues in that area that Americans may never understand so it is best for the United States to stay out of it. Plus there are some of the richest countries (per capita) in the world in that region like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait so let them finance and provide the soldiers for any military campaigns. The reason they probably don’t want to put that much “skin” in the game is because they know it could cost them their hides. They are ancient cultural, religious and tribal issues in the reason so we need to stay out of it.

Blowback Against the United States

Look, things are already tense with Russia and Iran. Plus, it has been reported that Syria may have links to Hezbollah. The American homeland is already on-guard against Al Qaeda so why add yet another enemy? It is not about being afraid of terrorist organizations, but an attack against Syria would most certainly help with the recruiting efforts for extremist groups and self-radicalized individuals (like the Boston Marathon bombers). Do we really need that? I think not.

Charity Begins at Home

Before we go bombing another country then sending billions of dollars to rebuild them, how about rebuilding the infrastructure of our urban areas? How about bailing-out Detroit? How about handling beach erosion and constructing sea walls along the east coast to help people who are at risk of being flooded out again like what happened with Superstorm Sandy? The U.S. has a history of bombing countries into the stone age then rebuilding them with some sort of a Marshall Plan type of solution while citizens on the homeland suffer. That is not intelligent.

Arrogance of Democracy and Capitalism

Not every country is ripe for a democratic, republican-styled government. A nation’s history and culture has to be taken into account. The United States grew out of the United Kingdom that is based on common law. Common law is comprised of societal customs. If a society doesn’t have certain customs in its culture, you can impose common law on them and expect it to work perfectly. Also, it is extremely arrogant to think that our style of government is the best in the world. It works for us because it is part of the natural evolution of our society but will not and should not be expected to work for other societies with very different customs and histories.

Perhaps some countries are better with a monarchy, an aristocracy, or a dictator. Perhaps some should be governed by a religious leader. It depends on their history and we should respect that and stop trying to assimilate everyone into living like us. What are we? The Borg from Star Trek or something?Assimilation-by-the-Borg-in-Star-TrekI’m kind of paraphrasing Muhammad Ali on this thoughts about fighting in Vietnam, but I have to say it: No Syrian has called me the ‘N Word’ nor has any Syrian attacked me or any of my loved ones. That is to say they are NOT a threat to the U.S. homeland so leave them alone. Let the Arab league and regional powers like Turkey figure sort this out.

Assad is the Devil We Know

If U.S. military intervention helps topple the Assad regime, who is going to the new leaders? It could be another dictator or a religious zealot. As far as I know, the U.S. don’t know the players therefore we should not get involved. We could be jumping out of the frying pan right into the fire.

Yankees, we need to stay home.

That’s all I have to say on this matter.

Four More Years

7 Nov

This is a Triple Rhyme Poem. I felt compelled to write something because of the re-election of President Barrack Obama. I hope that you enjoy it and see some value in my commentary.

Also, song titles are hyper-linked to their audio files on GrooveShark.com.

“Four More Years”

© 2012 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved

President Obama was re-elected for another term.

Will it be a smooth road ahead or will he hit a berm?

Will the country’s economy get healthier or will it become sicker with a new, super germ?

He is not a savior but I’d say the lesser of two evils.

Our military industrial complex of a country feeds on the resources of other lands like a horde of hungry boll weevils.

The power behind the power is not satisfied until the intended target kneels.

Perhaps we can fix things up at home that then repair our reputation abroad?

Who knows whether or not our revolutionary roots will act as a lighting rod.

By mobilizing “We the People” who are created equal in the eyes of God.

The U.S. Congress and the President should be forced to play nice in the sandbox.

We should keep them in the Capitol Building and fasten the locks.

If this were a different age we’d surround them with a moat filled with crocs.

You start a fire under the pot to get the water in it to boil.

Before a snake strikes it tends to coil.

Freedom isn’t free so we have to labor and toil.

Charity and agitation should start in the neighborhoods where you live.

Local politicians are to be reminded that they are public servants who are not there to take but to give.

If they are not responding to your outcry you have to question their motive.

Local, state then the feds is the hierarchy in which your concerns should flow.

Don’t let elected officials sit on their asses so spur them and make them get up and go.

If they don’t honor your requests, vote the bums out and send them down river with no paddle and tell them to row.

Also remember that you have to do for self.

Don’t wait for a benevolent government to give you a handout so go out and build your wealth.

Otherwise your rights will be stripped away and you won’t notice because it will be done using stealth.

Join a civic and/or a faith-based organization in your neighborhood.

It should be concerned with the upliftment, safety and the area’s greater good.

We always had our best results when we could say in the face of adversity “United we stood.”

All we ever had and all we will ever had is us.

Our individualistic and entitlement behavior is why we get left in the dust.

Growing up and giving back to your community is a must.

Should I have Tears of Joy where I laugh or Shout and scream because they are tears for fears?

Should I drown my sorrows by getting drunk alone or have a party where we tap glasses and say “cheers?”

Whatever the case may be we certainly cannot maintain the status quo for four more years.