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Christopher Columbus: The Harbinger of Death

8 Oct

Unhappy Columbus Day!

To hell with Christopher Columbus!

I’ll pick my own heroes, thank you.

We have to always consult the record to know who we should revere.

This guy was a common killer that started the domino effect that destroyed and disrupted civilizations in the Americas and in Africa.

This Triple Rhyme Poem speaks on this infamous scoundrel.

Why is there so much adoration for Cristóbal Colón?

The chaos this guy caused chills me to the bone.

Trix are for kids so let me give you some hot, solid food being that you’re grown.

Ferdinand and Isabella were the ruling monarchs in Spain.

They defeated the Moors in the Battle of Granada and it was a big feather in their cap during their reign.

Now they wanted to expand their borders and increase their wealth and fame.

Cristóbal Colón – better known as Christopher Columbus had a plan.

He believed that there was an all-water route to the Indies because the Spanish didn’t want to go over-land.

To do so would surely lead to skirmishes with Eastern Orthodox Christians and Muslims and would cause blood to stain the sands.

You see, my friend, the Crusades were fought to seize control of Jerusalem.

It was a back-and-forth battle between the Caliphates and Christiandom.

Saladin was a chivalrous warrior but some of the Catholic knights did some things that were quite worrisome.

Oh – back to Columbus and his voyage of 1492.

It was a 33-day journey from the Canary Islands to the New World for he and his crew.

He dreamed of spices, exotic treasures and adventures would ensue.

He landed in what we today call the Bahamas where he encountered peaceful, welcoming indigeneous people who called the island Guanahani.

Columbus decided to call the island San Salvador in honor of whom he considered a divine majesty.

He immediately decided to claim the land for Spain and convert the natives to Christianity.

His lust for gold and the exotic fruits that this new world offered had him intoxicated with greed.

Those people were irreligious savages anyway so European civilization was something that the would surely need.

His endeavors were blessed by Ferdinand and Isabella and he was given resources to succeed.

Eventually, Africans were brought to the New World as a slave labor force.

The natives in the New World were dying of European diseases but quotas still needed to be met – of course.

The Africans who were captured sang songs and played drums asking for the help of their ancestors and it was done in a clever way like the code developed by Samuel Morse.

Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic have the legacy of Spanish conquest.

The book entitled Puerto Rico: The Four-Storeyed Country, speaks on the apartheid-like legacy left.

Most of South America and Central America also fell to the conquistador’s zest.

Incas, Mayans and Aztecs all fell to their firearms and diseases to which they had no tolerance.

Their respective civilaztions haven’t been the same since.

Their cultures are all but lost and their descendants have psychological bruises, lacerations and dents.

He was a genocidal maniac who was no better than the Austrian named Adolph who had the funny mustache.

His actions were fueled by greed and his actions were brutal and brash.

If there is reincarnation, his soul shouldn’t be recycled it should be thrown in the trash.

In Jewish lore, after Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel they had a third son named Seth.

If you consider Christopher Columbus to be a hero I’d ask if you smoked crystal meth.

Why celebrate a person that caused so much destruction and suffering like Christopher Columbus the harbinger of death.