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ALLAH Is One God

15 Jun

This poem is a series of 19 haiku poems that are strung together in a series to tell a story. According to Dictionary.com, a haiku is a major form of Japanese verse, written in 17 syllables divided into 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables, and employing highly evocative allusions and comparisons, often on the subject of nature or one of the seasons; or a poem written in this form. This poem introduces the reader to some of the main characters in Islamic history.

I am not muslim, but I respect people for whatever they may believe – as long as whatever it is that promotes good moral conduct and the brotherhood of man.

This poem has 19 verses. The number 19 is a very important number in Islam.

This poem is dedicated to and was inspired by a conversation I had with a gentleman I respect a great deal who is a fairly new convert to Islam, Sheldon Statia (aka, Abdul Hamid).

ALLAH Is One God
by Tyrone Turner
Copyright 2011
All rights reserved.


The religion of
Ibrahim. He was upright.
ALLAH favored him.

Ishmael was his
firstborn son. An Egyptian,
Hajar, is his mom.

Ibrahim and his
son, Ishmael, built a house.
The Kaaba in Mecca.

Luqman was very
wise. He chose wisdom over
prophecy. Bless him!

The man called Jesus
would be the first to say that
he is not ALLAH.

Crucified nor killed
was he. It was made to seem
as such. He was spared.

Muhammad was but
a messenger that was sent
to remind us all.

Jibrayel gave him
the book. But he told him that
He couldn’t read it.

It was foretold to
taste so sweet in the mouth, but
will sour our bellies.

Bilal was the first
convert of Muhammad. He
calls the adhan best.

The commander of
the faithful was Ali. His
wife was Fatima.

Hassan and Husayn
were their sons. All are from the
old house of Quraish.

Fatima was a
chaste woman. She was without
monthly discomfort.

Pharaoah’s wife that saved
Moses was named Assiyah.
She’s held in esteem.

Maryam was the
mother of Jesus. Islam
calls his name Isa.

Aisha was the
mother of the believers.
Muhammad’s best wife.

All of the prophets
are great. Do not make any
distinctions. Praise HIM.

“Lakum deenakum
waliya deen” is one of
my favorite quotes.

All comes from ALLAH.
Do not bind partners with him.
ALLAH is one god.