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So, What Do You Serve?

8 Jun

Noah built the ark.
The disbelievers mocked him.
The flood drowned them all.

Father Abraham’s
Dad, Terah, served strange gods made
Of wood and of stone.

Joseph was betrayed
By his own blood brothers. They
Were jealous of him.

Joshua proclaimed
That his house would serve the LORD
The liberator.

Samson slew thousands
With the jaw bone of an ass.
Delilah tricked him.

Ruth was Obed’s mom.
Obed was Jesse’s dad. Through
Jesse comes David.

Samuel was a
child prodigy. The god of
Abraham blessed him.

Job kept up his faith.
He was sick and lost it all
But he was made whole.

The shepherd boy slew
The powerful Goliath.
David was faithful.

King Solomon. Wise
Was he. He let his strange wives
Turn him from his god.

Obadiah was
Elijah’s helper, plus he
Cared for GOD’s prophets.

Jonah lost his way
So a great fish swallowed him.
Follow GOD’s commands.

In my house we serve
the great God of Israel.
So, what do you serve?