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So, How Does It Feel?

7 Sep

This is a 10-part Triple Rhyme Poem that talks about karma. According to, karma is “the principle of retributive justice determining a person’s state of life and the state of his reincarnations as the effect of her/his past deeds.”

You do reap what you sow. Good and bad. I’ve been blessed with good fortune at unexpected and oftentimes moments when I was on the brink of despair. I’ve also done my share of dirt and have been on the receiving end of this boomerang myself and let me tell you, it was not a pleasant experience.

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I hope you like this poem.

“So, How Does It Feel?”

© 2013 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved


After you pulled your mess I thought about you on Two Occasions; day and night.

Mama Said Knock You Out and I’m mentally and physically built for war and ready to fight.

It is most definitely time for the Payback because what you did was wrong and it is going to be made right.

Don Corleone from The Godfather said, “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

My initial impulse was to go Boogie Down and make you Ante Up truth be told.

Justice is sweeter than revenge and platinum is more valuable than gold.

I stepped away from vengeful thinking because I have a different Method, Man.

Work hard, be fair in your dealings, and be open to learning new things should always be part of your daily plan.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people and sometimes folks fly off the handle – just ask Eminem about that dude Stan.

Exhale the anger because it consumes you and keeps you from thinking straight.

Like Colin Powell said, “Get mad, get over it, then get going” is What Makes the Great Great.

Rage makes you less than the divine being you could be so make a choice not to hate.

Sometimes there will be anxiety but when you Get Up Stand Up for what’s right be Not Afraid.

The Force, Great Spirit, Mother Nature, or whatever you want to call it makes sure that no debts go unpaid.

Righteousness is a solid rock and lies and hypocrisy dry-up and fade.

Who Do You Love and Could You Be Loved and will you do what is the right thing to do?

It is so much easier to tell the truth because when one gets caught in their lies it is sickening like having a bad case of the Spanish Flu.

It begins to feel like your insides are on fire and beginning to stew.

It didn’t have to be this way but you wanted to be a bully even though you already had the high-ground.

You constantly needed your ego stroked and needed reassurances that you were the alpha and the king of the mound.

Now my Cosmic Mama will teach you a lesson that will break you down to the very last compound.

You thought me too injured and distraught to fight back against your attacks.

You may have even thought me to be dead and stinking but the heat you brought reshaped me like molded wax.

An indomitable soul is like Bébé’s Kids because it doesn’t die, it multiplies and those are the facts.

Now look at yourself being in a world of hurt and nowhere to run and hide.

I actually pity you because now your falling because you had a cocky pride.

Standing there with your mouth and eyes opened wide.

I bet you can’t really Breathe because you’re shocked and things seem so surreal.

Karma goes 360 degrees and What Goes Around comes back around full circle like reel to reel.

So, How Does It Feel?

Always In Our Hearts

26 Aug

This 5-part triple rhyme poem is about death. Remember, when you do good works you never truly die. You will live on in the hearts of your loved ones, admirers, and your tangible works (books, poems, art, etc.). This poem is appropriate to be read at funerals. As is my custom, audio files to songs on linked where song titles appear.


“Always In Our Hearts”

© 2013 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.

The day you were born changed the course of history.
Now you have left us and you’re on that path shrouded in mystery.
Beloved, We Are Family and One Blood and you’re Another Part of Me.

We will always remember your smile and the melody of your laugh.
The way you taught us to hold up our heads even after we made a gaffe
and that life isn’t always predictable and at times things don’t add up like math.

A giant among ants and a bright Shining Star in the dark night sky.
This is more like a see you later because as believers, we know to Never Say Goodbye.
Your Love Will Always Be There and memories of you will never die.

We will share stories about you with the children and celebrate your life as you would want us to do.
You wouldn’t want us to be sad and stop living life to the fullest by crying all the time because Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.
Like the P. Diddy and Faith sang about Biggie, I’ll Be Missing You.

Death is not about endings but rather it is about new starts.
Fallen but never forgotten as from among the world of the living your body departs.
We will remember and honor you because you’re with us in our memories and always in our hearts.

Practice What You Preach

23 Aug

This poem was inspired by recent conversations I’ve had with a few of my close friends.
It is not about religion-bashing. It is about people doing the right thing regardless of religious affiliation or no religious affiliation at all.


“Practice What You Preach

© 2013 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.

This poem is not
about religion, but its
about behavior.

Believe what you will.
The U.S.A. allows for
religious freedom.

As long as what you
believe promotes peace, love and
justice, go for it.

It is funny how
those that don’t claim religion
are often pious.

Pious in the sense
that they “do the right thing” no
matter what happens.

matters not. Integrity
and peace of mind do.

Dishonest people
never rest. They must keep one
eye open at night.

Talking the talk is
easy. Walking the walk is
not. Be about it!

Yes, pray for people.
But doing something is what
is preferable.

What do people pray
for? For something to happen!
So, please do something!

While you are praying
for something to help oppressed
people, you do it!

Are you going to
be like Pilate and wash your
hands of your duty?

Will you be like that
man Judas and sell-out those
you know to be pure?

Take your religion
outside of the church, temple
and the masjid, please.

Are you a Christian?
Perhaps a Jew or Muslim?
Represent the faith.

You must stand on truth.
Rebuke lies and fight against
injustice and hate.

Faith is not enough.
Actions speak louder than words
or whispered prayers.

What would Jesus do?
So, if you’re his follower
what will you do, friend?

Moses left the glory
of Pharaoh’s court because he
refused to live lies.

Muhammad, like his
ancestor, Abraham, fought
the idolators.

What are you to do?
Well, it’s like Barry White said,
“Practice What You Preach.”

My Cosmic Momma

19 Jun

In this poem, I’m speaking like the true pantheist that I am.

milky way galaxy
The brightness and heat from your smile stir me from my sleep.

You send fresh air and a gentle breeze to revive me.

Birds greet me with melodic song.

You give me fruit, grain, and meat to sustain me and provide cool, refreshing water and nectar to savor.

The sweet scent of flowers and the tantalizing feel of the falling rain are delightful.

The intense pleasure provided by a lover’s touch and warmth and taste of their kiss is a sensual gift.

As time marches on and seasons change, you remind me that death yields new birth.

Leaves brown and fall in autumn and bloom in the spring.

The pond freezes in the winter and serves as a parade ground for swans in the summer.

When the sun sets in the west, I look into the heavens and see the wondrous heavenly bodies.

Stars that are so brightly lit and at times depict various shapes like dippers.

I am in awe of your majesty.

I revel in your glory and I am humbled by my realization that I’m a small droplet of dew on a blade of grass on the fecund, infinite field of the universe.

All that lives is connected by our common ancestor — you.

I look forward to each new day as it reveals another act in life’s continuous drama.

I bear witness that I will always love and protect you, my cosmic momma.

Is It REALLY Real?

2 Jun

I was chatting with a good friend the other day about how people don’t critically analyze or think about things before they say something or take action. This 17-part haiku chain is my advice in poem about how to use the scientific method to figure things out.


Don’t preach what you think.
Only preach about what is known.
All else is guessing.

Do not confuse what
you are told by others with
actual facts, friend.

Human history
is composed of five parts. You
need all five for sure.

If you are missing
one or more element, you
cannot erase doubt.

PEOPLE are the first
ingredient. Specific
names and titles, please.

Next comes DATES. When did
this person live? During what
period of time?

What happened? Was there
some notable EVENTS? Why
is it important?

Where was this? What PLACES?
The milieu can help put things
in proper context.

Where’s the EVIDENCE?
Without evidence, there can
be no argument.

Perhaps you’ll provide
documentation, portraits,
or a photograph.

Ancient artifacts?
Audio recordings or
video footage?

If you claim a thing
to be the truth, make sure
to present your proof.

These are the rules of
evidence. All you have to
do is be a child.

“A child shall lead them.”
“You must be born again.” Be
curious. Inquire.

Ask questions like What?
Who? Where When? Why?
and How? That’s
how to get answers.

Be critical in
thinking and analysis.
Don’t go on blind faith.

Research your subject.
Due diligence let’s you know.
Is it REALLY real?

Sandy, you wiped me out

13 Nov

This is a 10-part triple rhyme poem that I wrote in reference to the infamous Hurricane Sandy.

This storm displaced me and my family from our home.

I hyperlinked song titles to their respective audio files on

Things could have been worse for me. Make sure that if you’re a homeowner, you have flood insurance. If you’re a renter, get renter’s insurance.

Let me know what you think about this poem.

Thank you.

“Sandy, You Wiped Me Out”

© 2012 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.

‘S’ is for the shock I felt when I first learned how furious your wrath was and how my home may have been immersed by the surge.

‘A’ is for the anxiety I felt while I went to check on my apartment and what I saw almost caused my bowels to purge.

‘N’ is for the nausea that overcame me when I smelled the foul stench of rotting food and salt water-drenched furniture made and it put me on the verge.

The verge of throwing up and crying.

My heart sank and I felt like I was dying.

Some say, “Keep your head-up,” but when you’re going through something like this yourself, it isn’t what you’re interested in buying.

‘D’ is for the depression that started to set into my mind because I felt like I was in Hell.

‘Y’ is for the loud scream I let out as it was a painful, frightful yell.

These are lyrics to a sad song that I propel.

It is a sad thing when your life is drenched and placed on the sidewalk for the whole world to see.

This was something that has happened to other people but I never thought it would happen to me.

It is a humbling experience and will put the proudest person on bended knee.

The goddess, Yansan, is the orisha of winds, hurricanes and tempests all of which are devastating and can cause you bumps, bruises and dings.

Don’t attach yourself to material items and fickle concerns because they are at best fleeting things.

Flood waters can make a pauper out of queens and out of kings.

Even though I lost virtually everything I still have my health.

My extended family opened their arms and embraced me to let me know that I’m not by myself.

Some close friends have also said to me, “Brother, you know we be like Monopoly, because if I got it, you got it because we always have shared the wealth.”

When you’re going through something you really get to know who your friends are.

Words are just words but your actions is what takes you far.

Do the right thing by remembering that “a friend in need is a friend indeed” and it can make you shine like a star.

Going from “classy to ashy” in the course of a few hours.

We must remember to never fool with Mother Nature because of her awesome powers.

Your world can come Tumblin Down like the twin towers.

The Sensational Nightingales sang It’s Gonna Rain, but I didn’t think it would affect me.

I thought I would be spared in my little cozy home by the sea.

I just couldn’t imagine that I would be a casualty of the greatest flood in NYC’s history.

You can have it all today with a lot material wealth, fame and clout.

Anything can happen to me or you and in this I have no doubt.

I know this first-hand because Sandy, you wiped me out.

M to the Fourth Power

17 Aug

Why is this poem appearing on this blog?

Quite frankly, Black people pray too much.

I’m Black so I can say that.

The sweet chariot will not swing low.

A benevolent savior will not save us.

It is said that GOD helps those that help themselves.

The poem below contains recommendations for our unique situation.


I am a realist about the condition of Blacks folks in America.

This poem is about where our minds are and how “stinking thinking” has to change and proper action taken in order for our lowly condition to be improved.

It’s about developing self-respect and earning the respect of others. We do not need everyone to love us, but expect others to respect us.

The immortal words of Booker T. Washington come to mind: “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”

So, how can we overcome these obstacles?

We need not search too hard to figure out how to better improve the Black human condition here in the United States.

All we have to do is to look into our not too distant past.

I also feel compelled to remind the reader that to be Pro-Black does NOT mean your Anti-Non-Black.


“M to the Fourth Power”

© 2012 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.

We’ve been turned upside down and inside out.

Pants saggin’ so that draws show or wearing skirts so short and tight that all can see the camel toe.

Talking loud, fussin’ and cussin’ in public being disrespectful and acting the fool.

Wearing sneakers on your feet that cost more than your rent in the projects.

Also, why is it that you have a big flat screen television and the latest state-of-the-art electronics in your home when you live in public housing?

Are you saving any money so that you can do better for yourself?


Getting diabetes and becoming morbidly obese because we eat a lot of pork fried rice with chicken wings.

Toasting each other while we sip on coconut Ciroc and pineapple – Coco Loso all day, baby!

We don’t pour none out for our dead homies or loved ones long gone and missed.

Instead, some folks would justify their not pouring libations by saying, “Shhiiiittt! You know how much that shit cost, son?!?!”

But the brothers will spill their seed into different women – going up in ’em raw.

Some of those lame brothers would say, “She’ll get WIC checks, Medicaid and an EBT card.

Plus her family and friends will give her a shower and help out.

They’ll both be fine.

I don’t give a fuck. I told her not to have no baby no damn way.

Forget all that. Yo! Yo! Yo! Peep this new tat that I got. It’s written in a language I can’t read and I’m no too sure what this symbol means, but ain’t it fly, son?”

Extra! Extra!


The hood ain’t our hood. We just happen to be living there.

We pay rent to Mr. Goldberg, buy snacks from Mr. Mustafa and get our beef and broccoli from Mr. Chin.


We’ve fallen so low.

What can we do?

Marcus Garvey said, “Buy Black, think Black, be Black and everything else will take care of itself!”

He is the grandfather of Pan-Africanism.

Racist Whites told us to go back to Africa so Marcus agreed that was a good idea so he started to Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA).

The UNIA’s Black Star Line fleet of ships was going to transport goods and eventually African-Americans abroad back to the motherland.

The main goal was to create what Marcus Garvey called an African economic empire on which the sun would never set.

Doing for ourselves with ourselves by ourselves.

J. Edgar Hoover made sure that FBI stood for “Frivolous Black Investigations” when it came to Marcus.

He had him deported back to Jamaica on some trumped-up mail fraud charges.

[Hear Marcus Garvey speak, CLICK HERE.]


Elijah Muhammad raised a nation within a nation called the Nation of Islam.

They helped to break our inferiority complex and got us to stop believing in “spookism” and to do for ourselves.

Farms, cargo companies, stores, factories and schools.

He created vibrant businesses and helped to clean-up “low-class behavior.”

Some of the doctrine may have been a little strange but no more so that what is taught in Judaism, Christianity or Islam.

Why not believe in “Yakub, the big-headed scientist” or a “Lost tribe of Shabazz?” Some believe in talking snakes and a man that lived in the belly of a fish for 3 days.


When Elijah Muhammad passed on his son, Wallace, sold-off all of their assets and went to align himself with Arabized Islamists.

His father fought so hard to free us from White masters to have his son run to Arab masters.

Today the Nation of Islam is a shadow of its former self, but their blueprint has power and we should revisit it.

[Hear Elijah Muhammad speak on his beliefs by CLICKING HERE.]


Hmmm… Who else?

Oh yeah…

Malcolm X, also known as El Hajj Malik Shabazz. His father was Garveyite who was killed at the hands of Klansmen who left him on the railroad tracks.

He was originally a student of Elijah Muhammad but broke away to do his own thing.

He taught that we should take control of our communities by controlling the economics, politics and security of where we live. He taught that Black folks had all of the inalienable rights afforded to human beings by any means necessary – even if that means we have to bleed a little.

He founded the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU). It was a Pan-Africanist organization whose purpose was to fight for the human rights of African Americans and promote cooperation among Africans and people of African descent in the Americas

[To hear Malcolm X’s speech on Stop Singin’ and Start Swingin’, CLICK HERE.]

Again, J. Edgar Hoover raised his ugly head and his FBI – Flattening Black Independence, described the OAAU as a threat to the national security of the United States.

You add that the the beef Malcolm had with Mr. Muhammad and our dear elder was slain at the hands of traitorous, Black assassins.


Martin Luther King, Jr. helped to show our economic boycott power during the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

When we changed our behavior, so those who disrespected and brutalized us had to change their behavior.

They wouldn’t let Rosa sit where she wanted so we let our feet do the talking by refusing to take the bus.

We walked and carpooled for 13 months. After that, the City of Montgomery was glad to see Black folk on their buses again.

Martin also spoke of putting our money in Black banks and doing business with primarily Black businesses.

He spoke against the war in Vietnam and for that his enemies labeled him a communist.

Again, I’m sure that J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI — Falsifying Black Identity, played a role in this being that our beloved MLK, Jr. was considered a “Black messiah.”

[Hear Dr. King speech against the war in Vietnam by CLICKING HERE.]

The more our esteemed elder delved into politics with some hints of Black nationalism, he fell to an assassin’s bullet.

Wow, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI has made sure that the FBI been “Fucking-up Black Interests” since the 1919. From Marcus to Martin.

So, look at where we are now.

Now look back to what these four elders were trying to teach and model for us.

Let’s get back on track so we can become who we are supposed to become.

“Look for me in the whirlwind!” ~ Marcus Garvey

“Do for self.” ~ Elijah Muhammad

“By any means necessary!” ~ Malcolm X

“A man can’t ride your back unless it’s bent.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Their plans were primed to be picked and enjoyed like ripe fruits.

Juicy and sweet and far from being stale and sour.

Rise up, you mighty race and adopt “M to the Fourth Power.”