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What does gun control mean to you?

18 Dec

This is a hot topic where I hear a lot of people saying that we must have better gun control laws. However, most that I hear saying this don’t offer any definitive proposals of how to have better gun control laws. Well, below are six points that demonstrate my thoughts on how we can have better gun control – without violating our Second Amendment right to bear arms:

  1. Applicants for gun purchases are to go through a background check to see if they have a history of violence and/or a history of treatment for psychological issues
  2. Once the applicant’s background has cleared to make a gun purchase, they will then be required to take a gun safety class and get a ‘Certificate of Completion’
  3. With the Certificate of Completion, the individual can now make gun purchases, but each new weapon must be taken to an inspection site to make sure the weapon is safe to use and has not been altered within 10 business days of purchase
  4. New gun owners must provide proof of gun club/pistol range membership within 30 days of inspection of the gun purchase
  5. Gun owners will be subject to random drug testing
  6. Gun owners should submit quarterly attendance records to demonstrate that they are getting adequate instruction on how to use their guns properly

Any violation of any of the above will be cause for the surrender of all weapons to an appropriate state or federal armory until all requirements have been met.

Also, I think we should revisit reactivating the federal Assault Weapons Ban law that expired in 2004.

If you disagree with the above, you should outright lobby to repeal the Second Amendment altogether.

Well, that is my two cents.

Thank you for your time.