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Turn the Other Cheek

27 Aug

Why is this poem on this blog?

It is here because “turning the other cheek” as it is written in the Bible is not necessarily intelligent.

There are some things you should never, ever forget.

Do you think the Japanese forgot about internment or about 2 atomic bombs being dropped on their country? Do you think they will ever turn the other cheek?

Of course not and they should not. They will continue to kick ass in the auto and consumer electronics industry.

Do you think Jews forgot about the Holocaust? Do you think they will ever let YOU forget about the Holocaust?

Of course not and they should not. They will continue to strive for excellence in their chosen endeavors.

You need not and in most cases should not respond with violence, but one should never forget what was done to their people.

In short, turning the other cheek is for chumps – in my humble opinion.


This poem is a series of 35 haiku poems that are strung together in a series to tell a story. I call this style that I created a haiku chain poem. According to, a haiku is a major form of Japanese verse, written in 17 syllables divided into 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables, and employing highly evocative allusions and comparisons, often on the subject of nature or one of the seasons; or a poem written in this form.

This poem is about 3 events in Black American history: The success of the Tuskegee Airmen; the treachery of the Tuskegee Experiment; and the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921.

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I hope that you enjoy this poem.


“Turn the Other Cheek”

© 2012 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.

Can we all just get
That was the question
Rodney King asked us.

Maybe One Bright Day,
but not today. Not until
ancestors get love.

Love in the sense of
remembering those who went
before us. Our saints.

Our saints are those who
sacrificed life, limb and their
property. So brave.

Up From Slavery,
like Booker T. Washington.
A great example.

Education and
manufacturing were our
keys to better days.

He started the
Tuskegee Institute. A
proud HBCU [Historically Black Colleges and Universities]

It was the home of
the famed Tuskegee Airmen.
Red Tails made their mark.

Teaching Black men to
fly airplanes? What a crazy
experiment, right?

Well, not one long-range
bomber was lost under their
watch. That’s a record!

How about how the
name of this great school was made
dirty by the feds?

The government had
another experiment.
Let’s talk about it.

Poor, Black sharecroppers
in Alabama. Given
Syphilis by feds.

Injected because
they were told that they had “Bad Blood.”
Hippocratic Oath?

Nope! They did do harm.
To see how long it would take
for death to arrive.

To see what symptoms
they had and to see if it
could be used in war.

warfare had a test group now.
Unwilling testers.

U.S.A. Prez, Bill
Clinton, apologized for
this atrocity.

An apology won’t
erase the evil done to
these trusting people.

Tulsa, a city
the state of Oklahoma
had a “Black Wall Street.”

They were doing their
thing! A Black neighborhood in
the Midwest winning.

Greenwood, Archer and
Pine Streets are in Tulsa. The
GAP Band got its name.

Things were all gravy
until the Ku Klux Klan spread
word to lynch a man.

A Black man named Dick
Rowland, a 19-year-old
shoeshiner was jailed.

Jailed because he
supposedly assaulted
a White woman.

Sarah Page was that
woman. She screamed when she saw
him. The police was called.

A race riot was
started. Tulsa burned. How sad.
Was it hate or oil?

Maybe it was oil.
The Burning started back in

At the tail end of
the 1910s oil boom. It
could have been for oil.

Jews will never let
the world forget about the
Holocaust. Never.

Americans will
always remember when the
Twin Towers fell down.

Black folks, remember
what happened in Tuskegee.
The good and the bad.

Do not forget what
happened in Tulsa. You Dropped
a Bomb on Me
, Klan.

We must not forgive –
and never forget the dead
and those they made sick.

If you do, just get
ready to be slapped. Fools will
turn the other cheek.

M to the Fourth Power

17 Aug

Why is this poem appearing on this blog?

Quite frankly, Black people pray too much.

I’m Black so I can say that.

The sweet chariot will not swing low.

A benevolent savior will not save us.

It is said that GOD helps those that help themselves.

The poem below contains recommendations for our unique situation.


I am a realist about the condition of Blacks folks in America.

This poem is about where our minds are and how “stinking thinking” has to change and proper action taken in order for our lowly condition to be improved.

It’s about developing self-respect and earning the respect of others. We do not need everyone to love us, but expect others to respect us.

The immortal words of Booker T. Washington come to mind: “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”

So, how can we overcome these obstacles?

We need not search too hard to figure out how to better improve the Black human condition here in the United States.

All we have to do is to look into our not too distant past.

I also feel compelled to remind the reader that to be Pro-Black does NOT mean your Anti-Non-Black.


“M to the Fourth Power”

© 2012 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.

We’ve been turned upside down and inside out.

Pants saggin’ so that draws show or wearing skirts so short and tight that all can see the camel toe.

Talking loud, fussin’ and cussin’ in public being disrespectful and acting the fool.

Wearing sneakers on your feet that cost more than your rent in the projects.

Also, why is it that you have a big flat screen television and the latest state-of-the-art electronics in your home when you live in public housing?

Are you saving any money so that you can do better for yourself?


Getting diabetes and becoming morbidly obese because we eat a lot of pork fried rice with chicken wings.

Toasting each other while we sip on coconut Ciroc and pineapple – Coco Loso all day, baby!

We don’t pour none out for our dead homies or loved ones long gone and missed.

Instead, some folks would justify their not pouring libations by saying, “Shhiiiittt! You know how much that shit cost, son?!?!”

But the brothers will spill their seed into different women – going up in ’em raw.

Some of those lame brothers would say, “She’ll get WIC checks, Medicaid and an EBT card.

Plus her family and friends will give her a shower and help out.

They’ll both be fine.

I don’t give a fuck. I told her not to have no baby no damn way.

Forget all that. Yo! Yo! Yo! Peep this new tat that I got. It’s written in a language I can’t read and I’m no too sure what this symbol means, but ain’t it fly, son?”

Extra! Extra!


The hood ain’t our hood. We just happen to be living there.

We pay rent to Mr. Goldberg, buy snacks from Mr. Mustafa and get our beef and broccoli from Mr. Chin.


We’ve fallen so low.

What can we do?

Marcus Garvey said, “Buy Black, think Black, be Black and everything else will take care of itself!”

He is the grandfather of Pan-Africanism.

Racist Whites told us to go back to Africa so Marcus agreed that was a good idea so he started to Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA).

The UNIA’s Black Star Line fleet of ships was going to transport goods and eventually African-Americans abroad back to the motherland.

The main goal was to create what Marcus Garvey called an African economic empire on which the sun would never set.

Doing for ourselves with ourselves by ourselves.

J. Edgar Hoover made sure that FBI stood for “Frivolous Black Investigations” when it came to Marcus.

He had him deported back to Jamaica on some trumped-up mail fraud charges.

[Hear Marcus Garvey speak, CLICK HERE.]


Elijah Muhammad raised a nation within a nation called the Nation of Islam.

They helped to break our inferiority complex and got us to stop believing in “spookism” and to do for ourselves.

Farms, cargo companies, stores, factories and schools.

He created vibrant businesses and helped to clean-up “low-class behavior.”

Some of the doctrine may have been a little strange but no more so that what is taught in Judaism, Christianity or Islam.

Why not believe in “Yakub, the big-headed scientist” or a “Lost tribe of Shabazz?” Some believe in talking snakes and a man that lived in the belly of a fish for 3 days.


When Elijah Muhammad passed on his son, Wallace, sold-off all of their assets and went to align himself with Arabized Islamists.

His father fought so hard to free us from White masters to have his son run to Arab masters.

Today the Nation of Islam is a shadow of its former self, but their blueprint has power and we should revisit it.

[Hear Elijah Muhammad speak on his beliefs by CLICKING HERE.]


Hmmm… Who else?

Oh yeah…

Malcolm X, also known as El Hajj Malik Shabazz. His father was Garveyite who was killed at the hands of Klansmen who left him on the railroad tracks.

He was originally a student of Elijah Muhammad but broke away to do his own thing.

He taught that we should take control of our communities by controlling the economics, politics and security of where we live. He taught that Black folks had all of the inalienable rights afforded to human beings by any means necessary – even if that means we have to bleed a little.

He founded the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU). It was a Pan-Africanist organization whose purpose was to fight for the human rights of African Americans and promote cooperation among Africans and people of African descent in the Americas

[To hear Malcolm X’s speech on Stop Singin’ and Start Swingin’, CLICK HERE.]

Again, J. Edgar Hoover raised his ugly head and his FBI – Flattening Black Independence, described the OAAU as a threat to the national security of the United States.

You add that the the beef Malcolm had with Mr. Muhammad and our dear elder was slain at the hands of traitorous, Black assassins.


Martin Luther King, Jr. helped to show our economic boycott power during the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

When we changed our behavior, so those who disrespected and brutalized us had to change their behavior.

They wouldn’t let Rosa sit where she wanted so we let our feet do the talking by refusing to take the bus.

We walked and carpooled for 13 months. After that, the City of Montgomery was glad to see Black folk on their buses again.

Martin also spoke of putting our money in Black banks and doing business with primarily Black businesses.

He spoke against the war in Vietnam and for that his enemies labeled him a communist.

Again, I’m sure that J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI — Falsifying Black Identity, played a role in this being that our beloved MLK, Jr. was considered a “Black messiah.”

[Hear Dr. King speech against the war in Vietnam by CLICKING HERE.]

The more our esteemed elder delved into politics with some hints of Black nationalism, he fell to an assassin’s bullet.

Wow, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI has made sure that the FBI been “Fucking-up Black Interests” since the 1919. From Marcus to Martin.

So, look at where we are now.

Now look back to what these four elders were trying to teach and model for us.

Let’s get back on track so we can become who we are supposed to become.

“Look for me in the whirlwind!” ~ Marcus Garvey

“Do for self.” ~ Elijah Muhammad

“By any means necessary!” ~ Malcolm X

“A man can’t ride your back unless it’s bent.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Their plans were primed to be picked and enjoyed like ripe fruits.

Juicy and sweet and far from being stale and sour.

Rise up, you mighty race and adopt “M to the Fourth Power.”

For Heaven or Hell?

14 Aug

I couldn’t resist adding the below irreverent rant by comedy legend, George Carlin, on this very topic. It makes you think.

Below is an 11-part haiku chain poem. I hope that you like it.

“For Heaven or Hell?”

© 2012 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.

Streets paved of gold and
pearly gates. Milk and honey.
Angel wings for all.

You will see loved ones
long lost. Reunified with
your spouse forever.

Make sure to go to
church each and every Sunday
to receive blessings.

The blessings for your
faithful attendance will be
mercy and goodness.

Don’t forget to go
to church or fail to pay your
tithes and offerings.

The salvation of
your soul is at stake. So guard
your duties, my friend.

GOD loves you, but he’ll
punish disobedience.
Hot fire and brimstone.

You will burn forever.
Eternal torment because
you are damned. No hope.

Hope has been lost. You
had your chance but you didn’t
heed warnings. Obey!

HE loves you, but will
throw you in the pit with that
devil, Lucifer.

So what is your life goal?
What are you aiming for? You
for Heaven or Hell?

Saving Souls That Were Never Lost

8 Aug

This short poem is a tribute Akan Spirituality. The Akan people are an ethnic group found predominantly in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.


“Saving Souls That Were Never Lost”
© 2012 Tyrone Turner
All rights reserved.

Onyame is supreme and all-powerful. The creator of us all. Asasse Yaa –Mother Earth provides all that her children need.

The MIGHTY OF MIGHTIES is so grand we must go through spirits, the Abosom. They are all around us in nature. In the wind, rivers, oceans, streams, trees, mountains, rocks and animals. They bless us and protect us. They guide us through difficulties. For instance, Nana Tegare exposes evil doers and liars while Nana Esi Ketewaa protects children. We are all her children. The children of the African Diaspora are watched over by Nana Asuo Gyebi and it is he who helps us remember who we were, who we are and what we are to become.

Our ancestors, the Nsamanfo, are forever watching over us and protecting us. They are to be honored and respected. If we do not know from where we came, we can never understand why we are where we are in the present and how to get to where we want to go in the future. This is called Sankofa — return and get it.

We are not and were never godless people.

Propaganda just made it appear that way. We have a rich history with customs and traditions that are as old as time itself.

Missionaries came from strange lands telling strange tales of their gods and traditions. These gods seem very severe in how they punished their children. In some cases, entire villages were destroyed. Certain men, never women, were said to be able to speak directly with their great god. How odd that is.

There was one story of a woman who gave birth to Awurade. How can that be? A human being that gives birth to the CREATOR? One who is an equal to the ALMIGHTY? That sounds so unnatural.

We were also told that according to their holy book, we are to be servants unto our pale earthly brethren because we were cursed. Many of us were taken to slave fortresses on our shores and taken across the great sea to never be seen again. The atrocities committed against those enslaved and taken to western lands would become infamous.

There are also those who would have us say that there is no god but their god and an illiterate foreigner from the desert is his prophet. We were told that we must accept his beliefs as truth or die. How can their great god be called “the most compassionate” and “the most merciful” when he would sanction the destruction and abandonment of our way of life, our language and customs? How could equality of all men be preached but at the same time carry our young men and women off to slavery in the east?

That does not make sense.

We were told that it was necessary to adopt their ways to avoid the earthly suffering. We were told that those who do not accept their beliefs would be subjected to eternal torment in the hereafter. According to these foreigners, our souls were lost but if we abandoned our “heathen ways,” we would be among those spared and allowed into paradise.

This paradise was said to have golden gates and streets paved with gold. The people there enjoy milk and honey. We already have gold – a lot of it. Milk and honey, though? No thank you. We’ll pass as most of us are lactose intolerant and can’t drink milk.

We lived in peace and did not harm the earth. The earth gave us fruit, vegetables, livestock and gold. We did not even have a word for jail because we never needed one. Our women are equal to our men. As a matter of fact, inheritance and kingship passes through the mother, not the father. If a royal line, a man’s son cannot become king. The son of the king’s sister is heir to the throne.

Hind sight is 20-20 because as soon as they first came to our villages and towns they should have been tossed.

It is a curious thing that they had the audacity to focus on saving souls that were never lost.

Organized, Distorted Doctrine

1 Aug

The title of this poem was inspired by the host of Occult Science Radio, Curtis “The Illuminated One” Davis. I hear him say that people do crazy things when following an organized, distorted doctrine. What a cool way to sum it up! So, his phrase inspired me to write a poem about how religion can be skewed to jusitfy economic and political interests.

I am not saying that any particular religion is bad. I’m just showing how it can be used at time to manipulate people and to justify certain behavior.

The “dark side” of religion is explored here. I hope that you enjoy this poem and commit to being a vanguard against those who use religion to justify the inhumane treatment and/or slaughter of other human beings.

This poem is a series of 32 haiku poems that are strung together in a series to tell a story. I call this style that I created a haiku chain poem. According to, a haiku is a major form of Japanese verse, written in 17 syllables divided into 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables, and employing highly evocative allusions and comparisons, often on the subject of nature or one of the seasons; or a poem written in this form.

“Organized, Distorted Doctrine”

© 2012 Tyrone Turner

All rights reserved.

Religion alone
in not necessarily
a bad thing. Really.

What makes it bad at
times is how misguided or
evil men use it.

Judaism is
first. Christianity came
next. Then Islam, third.

This is not order
of preference, but it is

Unfair advantage,
jealousy and sheer contempt
and chauvinism.

All wrapped in greed, hate,
lust for power, control, and
White Supremacy.

The Chosen People.
This land is our land given
to us by Balfour.

Arabs, you have to go now.
We’re here now. That’s that.

The Torah says that
the land of Israel is
our inheritance.

That is what we say
and stand by. And so what we
are Thirteenth Tribe?

The Invention of
the Jewish People
blew the
whistle. Cover blown!

Once everyone learns
that this is political,
not spiritual – Well…

Everyone will know
the truth, but will the truth free
the land? We’ll see.

Accept HIM as your
lord and savior! He saves you
from yourself. Your sins.

We’re his disciples
on Earth. Saving souls in the
sweet name of Jesus.

He is merciful
to his flock, but if you’re not
of us, you are lost.

Abandon your ways.
There is only one way. If
not, death is certain.

Bow down and kneel at
the cross. Heretics will be
cast out, stoned, or burnt.

We look like GOD, so
listen to us. Obey. A
servant among us.

Without our ways
your soul is lost, but now it’s
found. Convert and live.

Sharia is the
law by which you should live. If
you do not, you’re damned.

Burning in the fire
of Hell for eternity.
Ask for forgiveness.

But you must whisper
your prayer in Arabic or
GOD may not answer.

We hold fast to the
laws of sharia even
though it set us back.

retarded our progress and
we lost our great lead.

We set off the spark
in Europe to ignite the
Renaissance. Lights on!

They were in the dark
ages. No rule of law. Pure
barbaric lifestyle.

What kind of god would
pick favorites above all
other nations? Huh?

Sanctioning wholesale
slaughter of innocent people
and seizure of land.

Is not it quite odd
that so-called holy people
do unholy things?

Hypocrites. Liars.
Imposters. Hate mongers and
male chauvinist pigs.

Strange ways, practices
and beliefs. O-D-D means
organized, distorted doctrine.