You Are NOT Human

17 Jul

The poem below is a series of 13 haiku poems that tell one story. A haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that consists of three lines containing 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and 5 syllables respectively.

I call this series of haiku tied together a Haiku Chain Poem. Also, as is my signature in all of my poems, the last line contains the title of the poem.

This poem was inspired by the block-buster film, Avatar and my personal spiritual beliefs.

I hope that you like this poem.

You Are NOT Human!

by Tyrone Turner
Copyright 2010
All Rights Reserved

You are of the same
Essence as the Creator
of Heaven and Earth

Your body is a
house for your immortal soul.
You are not human.

Being human is not an
acceptable excuse to
set small, boring goals.

An avatar is
the personification
of a deity.

Is it not written
that “Ye are gods”? Is
it not David’s psalm?

Mary-Mary has
a great, inspiring song.
“It’s the god in me”.

Michigan, Eerie,
and Ontario are lakes.
Superior, too.

Nile, Mississippi,
Tigris, and Euphrates are
all big, great rivers.

Caribbean, Red,
and Mediterranean
are all mighty seas.

Atlantic, Arctic,
Pacific and Indian
are all deep oceans.

GOD is a river.
GOD is a great lake a big
sea and an ocean.

Your body is a
cup. GOD’s spirit is water.
YOU have that spirit.

You’re an avatar
made in the image of GOD.
You are not human.

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